Aussie.EU is a business-focused community for Australian entrepreneurs, investors and service providers based in Europe. We connect entrepreneurial minds, across the continent and down under, to collaborate and seek new business opportunities more easily in the EU.

Created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, we’re based in Berlin, a vibrant hub of startup innovation and growth. We launched in July 2016 and host quarterly events in cities across Europe aimed at bringing our community together.

Aussie.EU aims to unite and support:

  • Entrepreneurs to successfully set-up, manage and grow their businesses in Europe, and connect with the right contacts and service providers both here and back home.
  • Investors to seek out new ventures within the existing community, enabling collaboration across the two regions.
  • Service providers (including small businesses, freelancers, consultants and independent workers) to connect with fellow Australians and businesses across Europe.

“The network for Aussies who don’t hang out with other Aussies.”

We often joke that this is who we are but to some extent it’s true.

  • We’re Aussies who have embraced the European lifestyle and way of doing business.
  • We’re Aussies who have either lived in the EU for a long time, or plan to do so.
  • We’re Aussies who have much love for our chosen EU city (and we might just even speak the language!).
  • We’re Aussies who want to move here and make a meaningful impact.

We believe in authenticity, hard work, transparency and open-mindedness. Basically, we’re a community for embracing the European market and all the perks of doing business here in this exciting and culturally diverse region, while also creating opportunities for Aussies in Europe to help bring European countries to Australia.