A new business network is here to help Aussie entrepreneurs

Aussie.EU has officially launched in Berlin, Germany, to bring together Australian entrepreneurs, services providers and investor communities focusing on the European market.

Aussie.EU is the brainchild of Adelaide born entrepreneur Jock Gordon who spent time travelling between Europe and Australia after selling MenuPad, the world’s first iPad restaurant ordering system, in the USA.

“There are some exciting Australian entrepreneurs and talent spread throughout Europe,” Jock, who is a 2014 Anthill 30under30 winner, said.

In April 2016 the Australian Government announced a Landing Pad in Berlin, under the National Innovation and Science agenda, to help Aussie companies accelerate growth by launching in Europe.

What mission is Aussie.EU undertaking?

“Aussie.EU will bring together an entire Australian entrepreneurial community in one place and will link into existing chambers of commerce across Europe,” explained Jock.

Shortly after launch, Aussie.EU had attracted over 100 members and had interest for collaboration throughout the continent.

Startup Catalyst, based in Queensland, is running trade missions globally to facilitate awareness and has just completed a 12-day trade mission in London and Berlin.

The aim of said mission was to connect entrepreneurs and investors from Queensland with the local ecosystem and build relationships.

Aaron Birkby highlighted that Australians need to be more globally aware and look at international markets.

It’s time to spread your wings

“One of the biggest challenges for Australian start-ups in entering a new business ecosystem is making the jump into a new market,” Jock said.

“The Aussie.EU network will connect an Australian business with the right people in a local market to help them get off the ground quickly.

“We’ll look at putting start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs with networks in Europe together with the relevant service providers to help fast track a company’s launch in Europe. This also helps build camaraderie in a new market,” he continued.

Jock further pointed out that whether companies want to base their business in Berlin, Amsterdam, London or Stockholm, a united Australian entrepreneurial community will help make it easier for start-ups that are in Australia to be able to easily plug in to existing Australians in the entrepreneur space spread across Europe.

“They will have mates and a common ground that they wouldn’t necessarily have when entering a new culture.”

Jock said he has met a lot of Australians in Europe.

“One of the common things about Aussies overseas in Europe is they tend to hang with the foreigners more than each other. This is a chance for a common group of entrepreneurial Australians to help each other move forward to a common goal of building successful businesses overseas. As a wise man once said ‘A single stick breaks easily but a bundle of sticks is strong’.”

The Aussie.EU founder insists that an Australian company could easily be able to link in with the start-up scene in Berlin, Stockholm, London, and now with the network in Krakow or Amsterdam.

“It’s only going to continue to expand as we continue to grow the user base and strengthen Australian businesses. There is a lot of interest from investors and strategic alliance partners to help the network grow.”

Article originally posted on Anthill Magazine, 21 July 2016.

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